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Itchy guide, Brighton

1. How much does MOSHIMO Membership cost?
Membership is a yearly fee of £20, which will entitle you to significant offers and promotions throughout the year.
2. Is my card still valid?
Your membership card is valid for one year. After this, you will need to renew your membership, which is very easy to do - we'll just renew it for you when you next dine at MOSHIMO and add the annual fee to your bill. If you would like to check that your card is still valid, call us on 01273 719195, or email us on info@moshimo.co.uk.
3. Can I bring my friends to MOSHIMO on Monday evening so we can all have 50% off our food bill*?
You can bring one friend (or up to three children) and enjoy 50% off your total food bill*, but if you wish to bring any more guests who do not have their membership cards with them, the discount will reduce accordingly: 2 guests = 25%, 3 guests = 10%, 4+ guests = 5%. Your guests will, however, have the opportunity to join up for membership at the beginning of their meal, which will give them full and immediate membership benefits.
4. I don’t have my membership card with me, but I am a member and the staff know me!
We’re very proud to have such loyal customers who visit us regularly throughout the week, but for MOSHIMO Madness to work well we do require you bring your card with you. There can be no exceptions to this rule because the staff need to be able to swipe your card through the till to be able to give you your 50% discount. Thank you for your co-operation.
5. Will a membership promotional email I have received on my phone be sufficient as proof of membership?
No. Only a valid membership card will enable you to benefit from MOSHIMO Membership promotions. The only time we will accept proof from your phone is if you have recently applied for membership and you wish to show your confirmation email to collect your card.
6. I have lost my card. Am I still eligible for MOSHIMO Membership promotions?
No. You will need to buy a replacement card for a fee of £12. To do this, please tell us your email and we will check whether you are a member on our database. As soon as we can confirm you are a member, we will give you your replacement card. Depending on how long you have had your card, it may, of course, be cheaper for you if you simply buy a new card.
7. I am a member, but do not receive any emails.
Please make sure that your email account accepts emails from info@moshibrighton.co.uk. Please check your spam or junk folders. If you do this and still don’t receive our emails, please tell us your email address and we will check your membership status on our system. If we cannot locate your email on the database, you will need to re-apply for membership.
8. I joined some time ago, but never received my card.
Members who join receive an automatic confirmation email instructing them to collect their card in person. If you did not do this, please follow instructions in 5.
9. Can I choose which Fishlove photo is on my card?
Yes. Our new membership card features Judi Dench's Fishlove image, which you are welcome to have when you renew your membership.